Research assistant for the project "development of analytical methods for water and soil quality control..."

IMDEA Water is a non-profit research Institute, promoted by the Regional Government of Madrid, to carry out research in water technologies. This Institute is part of the IMDEA network, the institutional framework that combines support from both the public and private sectors and harmonizes research with market demand, strengthening the presence of the private sector in science.

It complies with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.


This call is to hire a research assistant for the project Development of analysis methods for quality control of water and soils. Identification and quantification of contaminants (organic and inorganic) in environmental samples (water, soil and biota) by mass spectrometry techniques (MS). The project will be executed between May of 2023 and December of 2026.

The main tasks include:

  • Development of analytical methodologies to carry out the identification and quantification of CECs in water samples and other environmental matrices (soils, plants, biota) by using Liquid Chromatography coupled to High Resolution and Triple Cuadrupole Mass Spectrometry (LC-HRMS and LC-MS/MS): Optimization of chrpmatographic separations, instrumental parameters (ionization conditions, MRM transitions) and sample treatments.
  • Data processing (study of MS/MS spectra and identification of compounds using mass exact libraries).
  • Analysis of trace elements and speciation in water samples by LC-ICP-MS.
  • ­Validation of the analysis methods. 
  • Design of workflows of analytical development and reports on discussion of results.
  • Control and maintenance of instrumental equipment used in developed methods.
  • Literature search and processing of scientific information (ISI Web of Science, Scifinder, Scopus).
  • Writing SOPs for the implementation of laboratory, analysis results reports and scientific articles.
  • Other similar tasks (nature and qualification) charged by IMDEA Agua Direction.

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in possession of a degree or graduate in Chemistry with master (preferable in Analytical Chemistry). EQF Level 7 (MECES 3).
  • Demonstrable previous experience (at least2 years) in liquid chromatography and high resolution and/or triple cuadrupole mass spectrometry techniques.  
  • Experience in analysis by ICP techniques will be valued.
  • Knowledge of the tasks to be carried out above mentioned above.
  • Advanced level of English conversation and writing.
  • Familiarization with ISO 9000 and GLPs.
  • Resolutive ability to design and carry out a work plan.

Candidates must present the following information:

  • Curriculum Vitae (Spanish or English). The CV must be attached using the IMDEA Water template. CVs in any other format will not be accepted.
  • A cover letter presenting her/his candidacy and merits, and including her/his personal motivation to join the laboratory team (Spanish or English).
  • Other documents for accrediting the experience in the required profile.
Selection Criteria
  • CV (suitability of the profile to the open position).
  • Knowledge of software (Sciex and Agilent), ISO 9001.
  • Those candidates with the highest score can be called for an online interview to evaluate their knowledge and attitudes related to the open position.

Employment contract full-time: 37.5 hours/week.

Annual gross salary: 24.000 €

Aproximate incorporation date: as of May 2023.

Recruitment modality: contract for scientific-technical activities of article 23-bis of Law 14/2011, of June 1, on Science, Technology and Innovation. A period of 2 years is foreseen for the performance of the work covered by the contract, which may be extended depending on the availability of funds and the achievement of the objectives.


IMDEA Water Foundation. Avda. Punto Com nº 2 - 28805 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.



Final decisions will be personally communicated by e-mail to all candidates