Postdoctoral researcher in charge of microbial electrochemistry research

IMDEA Water is a non-profit research Institute, promoted by the Regional Government of Madrid, to carry out research in water technologies. This Institute is part of the IMDEA network, the institutional framework that combines support from both the public and private sectors and harmonizes research with market demand, strengthening the presence of the private sector in science.

It complies with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.



Open position for a Postdoctoral researcher on microbial electrochemistry, a discipline that explore the interchange of electrons between microorganism and electroconductive material.  

IMDEA water is already leading and developing applications in the water field, using electromicrobiology-based strategies. Among those applications one of the most innovative is to monitor water quality using electrical current generated by electroactive bacteria.

The researcher must coordinate and organise the work of the research group, directing his/her work towards the development of new devices that guarantee the absence of pollutants in surface, ground or wastewater bodies, as well as the dissemination and generation of results, maintaining close contact with other centres specialising in the area with a view to obtaining synergies that have a direct impact on the scientific results.

The work to be carried out will be related to the microbial electrochemistry research line, and includes the following activities:

  • Coordinate research projects and the work of researchers involved in the field of microbial electrochemistry.
  • Capacity for applying to external competitive calls for funding research
  • Formation activities for junior researchers
  • Dissemination for national and international audience. Publication in high impact journals and participation in congresses and meetings.
  • Design and implement dissemination activities
  • Evaluation of supervised personnel
  • Collaboration with external groups and institutes
  • Monitor science progress in the field
  • Similar activities that could be demanded by the IMDEA Water Institute’s Management.

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Bachelor in Biology. 
  2. PhD title with solid background in molecular biology applied to bacteria. (MECES 4 - EQF Level 8).
  3. Required profile: training and research experience in molecular biology in bacteria, specifically in the line of antibiotic resistance mechanisms in natural environments.
  4. Experience in the use of molecular biology and related techniques: gene expression by real time RT-PCR, metagenomics, bioinformatics.
  5. Experience in participating in national and international research projects related to the profile of the post.
  6. Quality publications in the field of microbial resistance to antibiotics 
  7. Teamwork experience in international consortiums.
  8. Proficiency in spoken and written English

Candidates must present the following information:

  • Curriculum vitae (in Spanish or English)
  • Cover letter (in Spanish or English) from the candidate presenting his/her candidacy and merits and including his/her personal motivation
  • All the documentation that the candidates consider appropriate to prove their experience related to the job position
Selection Criteria
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Suitability of the candidate´s training and experience to the institute´s research lines and open position
  • Those candidates with the highest score may be called for an online interview to evaluate their knowledge and attitudes related to the open position.

Employment contract full-time indefinite: 37.5 hours/week

Annual gross salary: 40.505 €

Aproximate incorporation date: Early 2023


IMDEA Water Foundation. Avda. Punto Com nº 2 - 28805 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid



Final decisions will be personally communicated by e-mail to all candidates